2011 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin

Photo by Angus Bremner

Dr. Temple Grandin is a world-renowned animal scientist and an autism self-advocate, as well as an author, speaker, and video producer. She will be presenting on the Main Stage at EcoFair Marin on Sunday, September 4.

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. Now her fascinating life, with all its challenges and successes has been brought to the screen. HBO has produced the full-length film Temple Grandin, which premiered on Saturday, February 6th on HBO. She has been featured on NPR (National Public Radio), major television programs, such as the BBC special “The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow”, ABC’s Primetime Live, The Today Show, Larry King Live, 48 Hours and 20/20, and has been written about in many national publications, such as Time magazine, People magazine, Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, and New York Times.. Among numerous other recognitions by media, Bravo Cable did a half-hour show on her life, and she was featured in the best-selling book, Anthropologist from Mars.
- an excerpt from templegrandin.com

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