Organic Valley DIY Stage Schedule

Special Morning Event!

Join us at 9:00am for the Local Lions Club Pancake Breakfast.

Keynote Speaker: Van Jones

Be sure to see our keynote speaker Van Jones, who will present on the Local Music Vibe Main Stage at 3:00pm.

Note that times and presentations may change before the event.


How to Build Your Own Furniture Without Power Tools

Bill Callahan of Tamalpais Nature Works shows how to use stylized steel joinery to create beautiful furniture.


Gray Water Technology to Help You Conserve

Tom Bressan of Urban Farmer Store demonstrates a gray water system. More about water conservation and urban farming at


Green Your Home: How to Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Learn how to make nontoxic cleaning supplies. Stacy Weinberg Dieve, an expert on the topic of toxins and environmental health, shows how to make nontoxic cleaning supplies. Stacy is an international law attorney, with comprehensive experience on environmental matters. She is the co-founder of a new local business called Rooted Health, an informational resource founded on the principal that our health and wellness is interconnected with our diet, lifestyle, product choices, food sources and the environment. Stacy is also the President of the Board of Directors of Sustainable Fairfax and is on the Board of Directors of Sustainable Marin. She teaches sustainability courses for the Tamalpais Union High School District Adult and Community Education program and lectures as a subject matter expert on the topic of toxins and environmental health.


Growing Mushrooms at Home

Anna McHugh plans to allow participants to help with the inoculation of oyster mushrooms on straw and take the mushroom kits home. Learn more about Anna at Anna has traveled the United States speaking with mushroom luminaries from all over and bringing their stories, and the story of the mysterious mushroom, to light. Anna is also working on a companion book and maintains a blog about Kingdom Fungi, and the human encounter with mushrooms. Anna also regularly presents at nature centers, festivals, conferences and other educational venues, sharing her knowledge about the fungal ecology and culinary mushroom cultivation.


Bees in Marin: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going & What Everyone Can Do To Help

Bees and other pollinators in Marin have not been immune to declining populations experienced across the globe. We’ll discuss why this is happening and what local beekeepers are doing to try to reverse the trend here in Marin. It will take more than the work of beekeepers, though, so we will review a few simple steps that everyone can take to help. Bonnie Bollengier and Gary Morse are owners of Bonnie Bee & Company They are committed to providing local beekeepers with support (classes, private lessons and hive management) as well as a source of bees bred from local survival stock. They also sell local honeys and other products from the hive.Bonnie and Gary are active members in the Marin County Beekeepers Association as well as the Marin Survivor Stock Project. Bonnie is also a coordinator for the 2012 Marin Pollen Project, a collaborative effort between Penn State University and beekeepers across Marin County to assess urban pesticide use.


Buttermaking: You Gotta Shake It to Make It!

Shake it up with Organic Valley farmers in this fun, hands-on activity and simple, interactive lesson in the principles of making butter in a jar. Kids and adults alike are invited to discover the natural processes and the physics behind this healthful, creamy treat. Organic Valley Family of Farms is a farmer-owned cooperative! You probably know Organic Valley Family of Farms as a trusted source of delicious and healthful organic foods, but did you know that the key to our success is our cooperative business model? The 1,766 farm families who produce our premium quality food products share a voice in the future of our business—because they own it!


How to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard

Mill Valley Chickens gives you the inside story on how to get started with a backyard flock. Learn more at Leslie Citroen is the proprietor of a small family run business, Mill Valley Chickens. They offer baby chicks for backyard raising and classes on caring for chickens, as well as coops, chicken supplies and their new venture of chicken themed giftware. Leslie is a local 4-H leader and licensed general contractor.


Programming Break

See our keynote speaker Van Jones on the Local Music Vibes Main Stage!


Market-to-Table Cooking Demo with the Agricultural Institute of Marin

Join the Agricultural Institute of Marin to explore what’s in season at the farmers market and how to prepare delicious healthy dishes featuring the fresh local produce at its peak. More info on where and when you can meet your farmers: agriculturalinstitute.orgAgricultural Institute of Marin (AIM) opened its first farmers market in 1983 at the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael on Thursday mornings. It was the first Certified Farmers Market in Marin County, soon followed by our Sunday Marin Civic Center Farmers Market – now the third largest farmers market in California. In 1987, Marin Farmers Markets (MFM), then Marin County Farmers Market Association, was established as a non-profit organization for the mutual benefit of the farmers and consumers. As the demand for farmers markets grew in the 1990’s, MFM began facilitating farmers markets in neighboring communities throughout the North Bay and East Bay. In 2006, MFM gained its 501(c)(5) nonprofit status with the IRS as an agricultural membership organization.


Relax and Strengthen with Tai Chi and Deep Breath Work

Experience the relaxation as you follow Hal Mosher’s lead. Try the strengthening tai chi movements and breathing exercises. Info on Wisdom Warrior Training at

Hal Mosher has been practicing Tai Chi, Bagua and Hsing-i for over 28 years. He has been teaching for over a decade, and the depth and completeness of the forms in their traditional style is the core of his teaching method. He breaks down the forms and their functions in unique ways, so students at all levels gain a clearer understanding of them. His intention is for his students to develop complete body awareness, and, ultimately, a sense of true mindfulness. Hal is also a student of Buddhism, and has had several teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He incorporates awareness and meditation through movement as a way to pacify the ego and gain happiness. With the understanding that healing is a very important aspect of martial arts, Hal is also a skilled Thai massage practitioner, teaching workshops around the Bay Area and working regularly with his clients.